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X-Star Owners

The primary ourpose of this site is to support two Autel X-Star related forums:

  • Problems/Solutions

    Each topic will relate to a single problem. Posts with the thread/topic may contain other information about the problem, and possible workarounds or solutions.

  • Starlink Devices

    Each topic/thread will refer to a single device. Posts with the thread/topic may contain information about how well the device works, including user experience with video lag, missing functionality, etc.

  • The site is not associated with Autel Robotics. (Link) is a much more polished forum but the site admin does not see the need for the Problems/Solutions and Starlink Devices forums. I hope that enough people will use these forums so that the admin will reconsider adding those forums at that site. If that happens, I may redirect this domain to that site.

    Not much effort wil be applied to making this site look good. I hope that it will be easy to find useful information. There is a` slim chance that I will add an issue tracker to supplement/expand on the Problems/Solutions forum. Comments and questions can be posted in the "


    Several links to X-Star related sites are available.